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The present book which is aiming to make us acquainted to each animal constitutes an interesting branch of Natural History. The bill of fare of every animal is written beforehand in indelible characters on each specific type, and these characters are less difficult for the naturalist to decipher than are palimpsests for the archaeologist.

The bill of fare of fossil animals, thought written in characters less distinct and complete, can still be very frequently read in the substance of their coprolites.

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ISBN- 81-261-1483-5

Biotechnology is nothing new. In fact, it has been part of nature and life since ancient times. For instance preservation of food in dry form and making of sauce, vinegar, curd and wine are all results of a biotechnological exercise. In India in particular, Ayurveda has always utilized biotechnological techniques, in preparation of drugs and medicines. Later, it developed through medieval times to greater heights in Arab, Spain and India and later on in Europe also.

In modern times, Biotechnology has acquired a new role to play as our present day life style largely depends on it. This study deals with Biotechnology, as a discipline. It covers all aspects of the subject, in view of making it beneficial for scholars and students alike.
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Microbes are the tiny organisms, which are hard to be seen with the naked eye. However, in spite of their minuteness, their role in human life is of considerable importance. They are of different sizes, shapes and with different tasks assigned by Nature. They are also called bacteria in general parlance. Some of them are beneficial while some others are harmful for man. Apart from the bacteria related directly to body, there are others which provide delicious nutrition to man. For instance, curd and cheese. Both these products are the result of the functioning of bacteria.

Likewise, many a sweet is prepared with the help of bacteria. On the contrary, there are may bacteria, which are harmful for man. These disease–causing bacteria enter human body through water, in a majority of cases, and through inhalation or some other means and start destroying cells of their concerned area. Weak and strong-both kinds of theirs exist. Present work is a valuable treatise on this subject and covers a wide range of issues in a lucid and interesting style. It fulfils maximum needs of an enthusiast.
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