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Tourism is major world industry. The protection, enhancement and improvement of various components of man's environment are among the fundamental conditions for the harmonious development of tourism. Similarly rational management of tourism may contribute to a large extent to protecting and developing the physical environment and the cultural heritage as well as improving the quality of life.. tourism brings people closer together and creates an awareness of the diversity of ways of life, traditions and aspirations.

The present work entitled Encyclopaedia of Ecotourism encompasses a wealth of information, in the shape of documents, declarations and resolutions of different Covenants, Conferences etc. The entire information is gathered under fourteen chapters namely; Global codes of relevant ecotourism; Environmental codes of conduct for tourism; GATS and tourism; Sustainable tourism; Guidelines, principles relevant to ecotourism; Declarations on sustainable tourism; Ecotourism and sustainable development; Charters relevant to ecotourism; Indigenous people, protected areas and ecotourism; Biological diversity and ecotourism; International Year of Ecotourism; Related environmental conventions; National ecotourism policy, strategy and action plan; and Sources of resource material etc.

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ISBN- 81-261-2398-2

Today, tourism is the largest economic sector globally in terms of earnings, and also in terms of number of people employed. These two factors themselves make the topic of travel, tourism and ecotourism that significant. Present age is one of sustainable tourism and ecotourism. They are such industries which attempt to make a low impact on the environment and local culture, while helping to generate income, employment and the conservation of local eco-systems. They together refer to a broad range of recreational and leisure activities in context of a natural environment. This encyclopaedia discusses travel, tourism and ecotourism within the context of extrinsic and intrinsic values, environmental attitudes, social motives, demographic, economics, cultural and environmental impacts, travel profile development, business cycle, management issues, planning strategies, and market opportunities. The aim of this publication is to cultivate in long run a kind of responsible tourism which is both ecologically and culturally sensitive.

A multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary approach has been followed to compile this encyclopaedia giving priority to the interests of its readers and professional users.

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ISBN- 81-261-3016-4

Ethics is a branch of philosophy concerned with the evaluation of human conduct. Tourism ethics is a kind of applied ethics which deals with human code of conduct with respect to contemporary trends in tourism around the world.

International Encyclopaedia of Tourism Ethics gives an elaborate presentation of contemporary trends in global code of ethics for tourism code of conduct. This encyclopaedia covers select hotel classification standards and hotel incentives acts and regulations. Emphasis also lies on related tourism acts, code of business standards and ethics, WTO and standardization of tourism services; certification schemes, code of conduct and guidelines in tourism; and tourism quality services and standards. The final portion of this useful reference publication covers various sources of information and websites/links. A detailed glossary and list of acronyms are given. The details contained in this encyclopaedia will be very beneficial for all the sectors dealing with tourism.

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ISBN- 81-261-3065-2

The encyclopaedia has a basic objective to develop hotel and hospitality management capability through inter-and multidisciplinary subject exposure and management applications based on corporate business ethics and social responsibility. The encyclopaedia aims to be a general introduction to the literature of hotel and hospitality management ethics. It is aimed at students, teachers and researchers, besides all technically qualified professionals who are involved in the hotel and hospitality management services.

This major areas covered in this encyclopaedia include: Introduction to Hotel and Hospitality Management Ethics; Hospitality and Hotel Management: Contemporary Global Trends and Issues; HRM in Hotel and Hospitality Management : Skills, Attitudes and Perceptions; Performance Management and Personnel Selection Policies in Hospitality Sector; Brand Management and Benchmarking in Hotel and Hospitality Service Management: Major Guidelines and Concerns; Facilities Management and Hotel and Hospitality Industry: Legal Considerations and Regulations; Club, Meeting and Conference Management: An Overview; and Hospitality Ethics Education and Research: Related Select Reflections. This encyclopaedia is also user-friendly.

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