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Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd. is the sole owner of this website. Your use of this site shall be subject to the terms and conditions mentioned herein. Moreover, our terms and conditions are subject to change at any time as per our discretion. In such a case, it will be deemed that you agree to all the modifications that may result in the due course of time.

  1. All the content that is published on our website is our property and is covered under the Indian Copyright Laws. Any kind of information attained from our site can be used only for personal use. Commercial or public display of any type of material (audio, video or text) displayed on our site will amount to infringement of copyright act and can lead to legal proceedings.

  2. We will not be held responsible for any kind of error or discrepancy in the information displayed on our site. It’s the full responsibility of the readers to check the authenticity of all kinds of information displayed on our site at their own individual level. We shall not be held responsible for any kind of direct or indirect damage resulting thereof from such a discrepancy and cannot be held liable for any kind of compensation.

  3. Some material on our site may be the views of individual authors. Anmol Publications in no way endorses or advocates any kind of viewpoint or idea expressed on our website. Any kind of resultant incongruity or clash of ideas will be dealt by the individual authors only. Anmol Publications has just presented the matter on the site according to the ‘AS IS’ policy. Any matter can be removed without any prior information.

  4. We are neutral to any kind of school of thought and deem it as our primary responsibility to publish every kind of viewpoint or philosophy without prejudice to any person, sect or community. Right to free Expression is our motto and this should in no way be manipulated for personal or ulterior motives. Any person or organization indulging in such acts will be subject to strict legal action from our side.


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