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ISBN- 81-261-1088-0

Open societies with their ethical standards in disarray are an endangered species. The shortage of ethics and honesty is an urgent problem confronting government, business, academia, and every citizen of India—indeed, in all western democracies. In this volume the author discusses the ethical challenges we must meet.
Bribery, kickbacks, all kinds of illegal payoffs, and assorted crimes have been making news headlines with increasing regularity. It is beneficial that the press reveals what is destructive of society. It is absurd that politicians and educations, big business and little business, labour and religious leaders, rich people and poor—all of us, with no great number of exceptions—are standing by watching this flood of corruption rise and rise to lap at the foundation of our freedoms.

That’s why the author has published this book. The author is specialist in his field and writes clearly and simply. It’s fascinating to read what the author says on the principles of reciprocity and gift-giving, about mal-adaptation and adaptation in social systems. Note what the author reports concerning the relationship of honesty to the viability of private enterprise economies, as to ethics and law among unequals.

Big business executives should read this book right along with their financial statements because ethics and honesty, government regulation, and profits have now become quite vexingly tied together. They will want to read what the author says about ethicalising capitalism. Chamber of Commerce, trade and professional associations, libraries, schools, especially the graduate professional schools, should have this volume as a reference. Service clubs that have long advocated better ethics should welcome this source of support. And the author hopes that community leaders will read this book and join with him to help strengthen the ethical underpinning so essential to the economic and political freedoms of our society.
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ISBN- 81-7041-294-3

This dictionary provides instant access to relevant terminology in every facet of philosophy from A to Z. Some terms have been explained briefly, others at length.

Every effort has been carefully made to write the entries in a clear and lucid style to provide both straightforward definitions and valuable background information.

The dictionary will be of immense value to under-graduate and post-graduate students, school teachers, college teachers, university teachers and school administrators.
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ISBN- 81-261-1345-6

Islam is a scientific and progressive religion, but most people do not know about it authentically. Contrary to the common belief, Islamic ideology is based on reason and logic. Muslims have contributed a lot to the growth of science and technology but, it remains a lesser known fact. This comprehensive and exhaustive study is an effort in the direction of revealing the veiled facts and unveiling the truth. It brings to light Islam’s radical approach to science and knowledge. This book is bound to prove to be an asset for scholars, student and general readers, alike.
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ISBN- 81-7041-620-5

Muslims in India were all not invaders, and imported people. Most of the contemporary Muslims in India, like the Indian Christians, Indian Jews and Indian Parsees, are of Indian blood. Hardly a few Arabs, Persians, Turks came to India. It were Indians who accepted Islam by seeing, experiencing and observing it from the Muslims who came to India as traders, rulers, travellers, and Sufis. Muslims in India are no doubt a part of India: culturally, socially and politically. The contributions of these Indian Muslims are vast, thus cannot be ignored. The present book is an attempt to compile a list of books published in India and abroad by and about these people.

In this age of publish or perish, a vast amount of literature is emerging in various fields of research and development. To identify such literature relevant to an area study specialist is the single purpose of this book. It attempts to cover all publications between 1970 and 1989, and on all aspects of Muslim life in India. It is proposed to compile another retrospective bibliography on the subject. The information contained in the present book has been collected from local, national and international sources. The book is a must for study and research by social scientists, humanists, orient lists, Ideologists and Isalamicists.
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