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ISBN- 81-7488-193-X

"Electoral Calculus- 1996" with the cut-off point of 31 December 1995 has come out the thinking cap of Prof. T.N. Rastogi who is an original thinker, the sort of author who makes the reader understand what Sir Edmond Burke meant when he wrote of politics being 'philosophy in action'. It is definitive book which unfolds the story of how to do simple and yet profound calculations for future elections on the axle of psephology with a number of simple arithmetical and algebraic equations for reaching almost correct answers to complicated and intricate questions concerning elections. It prognosticates on the coming elections of April-May 1996 in all their searching profundity, which will be very expensive with unchecked lumpenisation of politics despite the Seshan factor. The book can, therefore, serve as a quick-fix to political parties and political personalities in politicking to do their home-work through qualitative and quantitative measurement of improving their performance in the electoral process. It is a 'must' for our politician. The author is not whistling in the dark as he has seen the corridors of power enjoying the basketful of black money which will be used in fighting the forthcoming elections with clever subterfuges to evade the eye of law. All said and done; this is a thought-provoking and stimulating book of monumental importance with warning signals to our pocket-picking politicians so that they can mend their fences and improve their performance at the hustings.
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ISBN- 81-7041-529-5

Inspite of constitutional prerogatives the progress in the field of agriculture has not been satisfactory. This book widely discusses about our country's approach to agriculture Land problems with critical analysis. Also the controversy over property rights pertaining to agricultural land is one of the central themes of our constitutional development particularly after independence. The statutory and legal matters akin to the field of land reforms are also dealt with. The successive Governments in India since Independence are unable to introduce radical land reforms. In this book, it is evidently proved that in the absence of morally, faith, trust and Dharma, such successive legislations would become useless and purposeless.
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This book is based on the first big version in German: (1) "Zwei Dutzend Samurai-ante portas orbis." 1995. There on 2500 pages in two volumes many more facts are given. This book (1) in May 1996 in an Author's Micro World Edition was sent to the big libraries of the most important nations on earth-and to the Clinton Administration as well. In order to present Japan's Secret & the Proof of HYPOR to a much broader audience, (1) was enlarged in front (A, B & C), cut short in the middle and presented here in American English (with an update at the end) on about 532 pages. Since the whole & bitter truth about 'New Nippon' is proved, the present book and (1) are the base of the whole proof. After so many books about Japan of the appeasement type, the full and bitter answer is given and proved. To give the facts in many quotes, this book is an anthology.
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ISBN- 81-261-3052-0

The present volume covers the lives of people who have contributed greatly in the field of politics and political science and whose deeds are worth mentioning. Personalities from history such as Confucius, Chanakya to contemporary political thinkers are included. Each personality is covered comprehensively, encompassing their personal life, thinking, theories, their impact on society and much more. The personalities profiled in this volume are different as well as similar in many ways. They faced obstacles. They were dedicated people of courage, stamina, and tenacity; they were dedicated people of courage, stamina, and tenacity; they were talented jugglers of the demands from multiple social roles; and they achieve against the odds.
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