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ISBN- 81-7488-458-0

The present book on Quantum Mechanics is basically meant for undergraduate and post-graduate students. The book has been divided into two parts. The part I deal with theoretical concepts in quantum mechanics while part II deals with problems based on quantum mechanics. Most of the problems have been taken from various university examinations. SI units have been used. However, at some places old units have been used so that the students may become familiar with old as well as new units. Throughout this book, it is assumed that the student understands the fundamental concepts in physical chemistry.

Written in simple language and coherent style, this book will prove vade mecum to students and teachers alike.
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ISBN- 81-7488-068-2

This book deals with all the aspects of the structure of atom. It gives a vivid description of the structure, composition, atomic theories, etc., in details. Emphasis has been illustrative and lucid manner. An effort has been made to include the latest information about the atom and its structure. To explain difficult concepts, a large number of illustrations have been included. To make the subject clear, certain definitions and some numerical problems have been included at appropriate places.

The book is likely to serve as a text-book as well as reference book for the students of Indian Universities.

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ISBN- 81-261-2148-3

University Grants Commission (UGC) conducts a competitive test (NET) for Lecturership and Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) for Indian Universities. Similarly various States also conduct similar tests (SLET) for recruitment in their universities and colleges. CSIR too conducts tests for filling position in its fold.

This comprehensive book is designed to serve as a guide for all the aspirants, appearing at above said examinations in a particular subject. It is strictly in accordance with UGC- syllabus.

This volume on Physics contains all required information on the subject. The topics are categorically described in analytical and coherent way.

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ISBN- 81-261-2838-0

The aim of this encyclopaedia is to give definitions of terms that are of importance in physics, in the light of latest knowledge and research. The terms defined here include laws, relationships, equations, basic principles and concepts, as well as the most widely used instruments and apparatus. In short, this treatment comprises the terms both of pure science and of its applications. The fields covered include mechanics, heat and thermodynamics; low temperature physics; the properties of gases, liquids, and solids; acoustics; optics; electricity; electronics: nuclear physics; mathematical physics; and representative topics in relativity and a few other of the more advanced and specified fields. Further to serve the needs of the teacher, student and worker in the field of physics, as well as in related fields, a considerable number of terms have been included from the subject-areas bordering on physics, not only mathematics, but physical chemistry, applied electronics, applied electricity, etc. The objective of editors and contributors has been the more modest one of providing a book useful as a general reference in physics, helpful even to the specialist in regions outside of his domain of specialized knowledge.

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