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ISBN- 81-7488-551-X

Reporting, like politics, is the art of the possible. The complete ideality will end up beating his or her head against the rock hard wall of real-life.

Experienced reporters learn that is sometimes better to settle for a half-loaf, rather than to strive for the unattainable full loaf of self-expression and freedom to write as they please. Reporters do not function in isolation. They form part of the transmission belt which carries information to the different parts of society. One of the hardest things young reporters have to learn is that at least to some extent they must tell their stories by the rules of those in power. The reporter's job is to recount as accurately as possible the shared realities of his or her society or culture. Social control constantly helps shape what the reporter writes. Our political systems, our spiritual beliefs and our interpretations of what reality is all help us shape the tales we tell. This book discusses vital yet crucial points relating with reporting. The journalist community in general and reporters in particular will find this book most useful and informative.

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ISBN- 81-7488-774-1

'Freedom of Expression' is often treated as fundamental right. Press is the vocal organ of mass expression. In many countries freedom of Press is guaranteed by law. But in actual practice this freedom is frequently interrupted and restrained.

This volume, which is substantially based on the experiences of many renowned authors, put light on diverse aspects of the freedom of press. Major topics dealt herein are: Liberty of the Press; there is No Substitute for a Good Newspaper; Press, the Public and Foreign Policy; Commercial Outlook of Press Freedom; Press and the Policy Makers; Utilization of News; Outward Flow of News; Libel; Free Press and Fair Trial; review of Press and Journalism in England etc.

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ISBN- 81-261-0217-9

This book has two main aims, both closely connected: (i) to introduce readers to the developments in each of the mass media, (ii) to develop understanding about the characteristics of each of the mass media and their impact and contribution to development. These are rarely combined in one book. The effort has been made to make the content of the book as upto date as possible. The book includes chapters on Mass Communication Process and Mass Media such as-Print, Radio, Television, Cinema, Folk Media and Advertisements, Mass Media and Women, Career Opportunities in Mass Media etc.

Each chapter has suggested work experience in order to actively include students in teaching-learning process. The graphic presentations of mass media scene in India are given to supplement the information on the mass media. The book also provides latest information regarding the universities and institutes imparting training and education in mass communication along with the list of Educational Media Research Centres and organizations promoting folk media, No doubt, the teachers and students of mass communication and development workers planning to use mass media for development wild find this book stimulating and useful.

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ISBN- 81-7488-866-7

Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) is one of the methods of providing current awareness services. Even though the term SDI was introduced by Hans Peter Luhn in 1958, to describe personalised current awareness service provided with the help of computers, librarians wee providing SDI service to their users from time immemorial. Unfortunately there are hardly any books published on this topic of great importance. Even though few doctorate degrees have been awarded in the subject of SDI in foreign countries; they have not been published and thus not easily available.

A student or a researcher finds it very difficult to collect information on the topic of SDI. This book tries to fill up these lacunae.

The book, no doubt, will be source book to students, researchers and information professionals throughout the world. It can act as the main source of information to the researchers who have taken up the task of evaluating the SDI services in any part of the world.

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