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ISBN- 81-261-2736-8

Islam came on the scene, with a message, philosophy and code of conduct, perfect by all means, with its advent, the new faith revolutionized the contemporary world in a very short span of time. It also brought along with its beliefs and practices, a new culture, which gradually build a new civilization, now known as Islamic Civilization.
Islam has made a great contribution to the development and growth of human civilization, education and intellect in particular and the whole society, in general. This is a well known fact now that Muslims were leading the world of knowledge and wisdom, when Europe was still a dark continent, far behind in education and science. In the early era of Islam, the Muslims were in full command of the science and technology of the times. They not only unearthed, adopted and preserved the lost treasure of the Greek wisdom, but also promoted it to new heights. Muslim academics and scientists were among the leading lights of that period of history. They contributed a lot to the growth of all branches of knowledge, be that Philosophy, Logic, Literature, Geography, History, Physics, Chemistry, mathematics or Medicine.
Islam is a scientific and progressive religion. All its teachings have a scientific and logical approach. Islam directs all its followers to learn, gain knowledge and master the arts and sciences of the contemporary world. Islam, as a living faith stands for spreading light and eliminating darkness from the world. They contributed a lot to the growth of all branches of knowledge and thus enriched the new civilization.
The birth of Islam is a unique phenomenon in the annals of mankind, yet its importance has not been recognized in the world history. Although several encyclopaedic works has been done, but very few of them has taken pen to project complete picture of the Islamic culture and civilization. Our effort will be first and foremost in this field.
This series, unique in its presentation, is perhaps first of its kind, to take all the great developments and changes over the centuries. All the significant aspects have been covered in these volumes. This multi-volume study is based on original (Holy Quran and Traditions) and other authentic sources: Arabic, Persian and Urdu books and manuscripts. For further comprehension and comparative study, English books by Muslim scholars and as well as Western writers have also been consulted at length. The painstaking research and thorough study of thousands of pages by a team of scholars over a period of time, has resulted in an authentic, comprehensive, exhaustive, exclusive lengthy and still interesting work, which, is bound to fill a big vacuum in Islamic Studies and as well as the treasure of knowledge about Culture and Civilization.
Details of the Volumes:

  • Concept of Islamic Culture
  • Relevance of Islamic Culture
  • Social Revolution by Islamic Civilization
  • Legal Culture of Islam
  • Scientific Culture in Islam
  • Social behaviour in  Islamic Civilization
  • Moral Aspects of Islamic Civilization
  • Cultural Impact of Islam
  • Ideology of Culture in Islam
  • Ethics in Islamic Culture
  • Judicial Culture in Islam
  • Business Culture in Islam
  • Culture of Education in Islam
  • Cultural Heritage of Islam
  • Islamic Culture in India
  • Foundations of Islamic Culture
  • Cultural Revolution of Islam
  • Political Culture of Islam
  • Academic Culture of Islam
  • Intellectual Culture in Islam
  • Social Aspects of Islamic Culture
  • Women’s Role in Islamic Culture
  • Religious Culture in Islam
  • Human Aspects of Islamic Civilization
  • Culture of Governance in Islam
  • Fiscal Culture in Islam
  • Family Culture in Islam
  • Arts in Islamic Civilization
  • Culture of Peace in Islam
  • Impact of Islam on Indian Culture
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ISBN- 81-261-1940-3

Islam is a natural and universal religion, which originated with the very creation of mankind and the world. The story of Islam begins with Prophet Adam (PBUH) and is in continuation to culminate on the doom's day only.

Islam as a faith and philosophy has always been in focus. This work begins with Prophet Adam (PBUH) and journeys through the ages, describing about the early Prophets to Prophet, Muhammad (PBUH), who is the last Prophet to come to this world.

Present series, unique in its presentation, is a pioneering attempt to take all the Greatest Men of Islam in its fold and deals with the early Prophets in its first volume, while, eight volumes are devoted to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), his life, family, teachings, message and the impact. The rest of the volumes are on the esteemed companions of the Holy Prophet, including the four pious caliphs, who were all standard bearers of Islam in early years.

Based on original (Holy Quran and Traditions) and other authentic sources, this other authentic sources, this multivolume work is a valuable gift for all those who are desirous to know about the Prophets, and other great personalities of Islam. This authentic, comprehensive and exhaustive work would serve as a reference to scholars and source of knowledge for one and all.

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ISBN- 81-261-1419-3

The Muslim school embraces all branches of human knowledge and research-theology, medicine, history, astronomy, grammar, economics, physics, racial philosophy and racial psychology and ethics. It is an important educator on all systems of purely human origin, and its creed adores, worships and acknowledges the Creator of the Universe, in the most sublime and loftiest expression, never to be found in the liturgy of other religions. The Islamic conception of God is that He is 'Allah' and there is no deity beside Him; He along is to be worshipped. He begets not and He is not begotten. He was before time began its race. He is 'Allah' Who hath raised different prophets of men throughout the ages. His greatness is immeasurable. Allah is He That abide from eternity to eternity. This but a fractional part of the Muslim Creed-a creed which strictly, forbids the worship of images and the artistic representation of anything that resembles the human form. Yet in Christian literature, periodicals and other publications Muslims have been alluded to, and spoken of, as pagans, idolaters, polygamists, sun worshippers and what not. Muslims, the ardent followers of Islam have made great strides the world over and made remarkable success in bringing many countries under their hegemony from Europe to Asia, and Africa.

This work, encyclopaedic in nature, is designed to cover all major Muslim nation-states depicting their overall socio-cultural, geographical, economic, political and educational developments in modern perspective. Thus each country is treated competently and exhaustively. The information is supported by authentic facts and figures. This work will prove a reliable reference tool to academics, social scientists and general readers alike.

Efforts are made to furnish up-to-date data and latest developments pertaining to the country concerned. As seen the information is borrowed from various authoritative sources. We are deeply beholden to all those men of letters whose works are consulted or substantially made use of. We are thankful to our friends and well-wishers who have helped us while working on this project.

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ISBN- 81-7041-950-6

Islam as a political force can be judged from the outside as just one of the many forces in world politics. But it can be understood and explained in its specific dynamics only from the inside, by trying to adopt the point of view of the Muslims, because its peculiarities and dynamics come out of the Muslim community. They may be partly coloured by reactions to outside events, e.g. pressure from non-Islamic countries an powers, but even as far as they constitute reactions they are Muslim reactions, emerging from inside the Muslim communities. This is why any attempt to explain and understand the present increase in the importance of Islamic politics has to start from the situation which the majority of the Muslims appear to understand as their own.

This situation is characterized by recent political, and culturally incomplete liberation from the preponderance or domination of foreign powers and their way of life.

The objective of the compilation is to provide readers, especially students and scholars, researchers and teachers, some clear insights into the dynamics of Islamic Resurgence and power politics.

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