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ISBN- 81-7041-180-7

This book shows a true state of affairs in India before independence. This is the report of the delegation sent to India by The India league, in 1932. Prefaced by Bertrand Russell, the contents of the report fall into two categories (1) The account of experience and investigations in India and (2) the historical material without which immediate issues cannot be fully understood. Protests and action effectively altered the course of Britain's policy in India and paved the way friendship with the Indian people. The spontaneous political upsurge had its ongoing flow like the unbridled currents of river with a definite aim to free the Indian sub-continent from foreign yoke. Some of the enlightened and sympathetic people of Britain helped the Indian freedom struggle by protests and sending the report based on exact conditions prevailing in India that time to the British Parliament. These kinds of protests and reports aroused British consciousness. The following pages, which give the report of the delegation of India league, should be read by all who are interested in knowing the condition of India in Pre-independence time.
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ISBN- 81-261-2056-8

Currently, most people think that science and scientific inventions are the contribution of modern West. In fact, Ancient India has contributed to human civilization many scientific achievements. In the fields of astronomy, mathematics and medicine they perfected and mastered many systems. This book portrays the scientific achievements of ancient India incomprehensive way. We have chosen here ten topics to highlight the theme. Topics like-History of Excellence in Science in India; Hindu Calendar; The Mayan and Hindu Calendars: Comparison and Correlation; The Origin and Development of Numerals; The Present Mode of Expressing Numbers; Cosmographical Theories of the Hindu Astronomers; Aspects of the History of Hindu Astronomy; A Short Chronology of Indian Astronomy; Astronomical Instruments of the Hindus; Greek Influence on Hindu Astronomy: Allegation or Reality?; etc. will put ample light on theme. Scholars and layman can peep through these to extreme past of India alike.
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ISBN- 81-261-3014-8

'Economic History of India' is being taught as paper at UG/PG level in various universities. This book is devised as an introductory text to the above paper. This book consists of the following chapters- Economic History- An Introduction; Agrarian Structure; Indian Economy under British; Economic Relations Between Britain and India; Labour Movement in India; Growth of Transport and Communication; Growth of Currency and Banking; Growth of Industrial Entrepreneurship; Foreign Policy and Balance of Trade; etc. A veritable mine of information, this will serve the purpose of students and teachers alike.
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ISBN- 81-261-1736-2

Communal harmony, value based politics and morality and ethics in public life are among those important characteristics and as far as possible make Ahimsa the basis of day-to-day behaviour, which which can be assumed as the foundation of views and practices of Mahatma Gandhi also. Not only have the followers of Gandhi or admirers of his principles but also his critics taken these characteristics seriously. They accept them to be significant for the welfare of people. This volume entitled, "Mahatma Gandhi: At the Close of Twentieth Century", contains a collection of articles of a number of renowned scholars of India and abroad, of which more than half are quite young, that proves that younger generation wants to know about Gandhi and his views. Many youths are eager to work on him and they want to convey his message of Sarvodaya to the whole world in which as he himself has said, "A life of service must be one of humility which means most strenuous and constant endeavour entirely directed to the service of humanity. "It is hoped that this book will be very useful to general readers and all those interested in the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi.
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