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The ideal of co-operation and working together for common good distinguished the man from animals. It was this ideal which was the basis of the emergence of human society and civilization and its subsequent development. The rise of man from barbarism to civilization is the theme of history. The civilization of any country or region was a subject of continuous change both upward and downward. A record and analysis of such a change is, in fact, history. There have been, no doubt, brilliant periods in ancient times in several countries-Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, China, Greece, Rome and elsewhere and that many of these countries witnesses decay, decline and finally extinction. Leaving behind a record of excellence in many fields the great civilization of Knossos vanished three thousand years ago, the old civilization of Nile, leaving behind Pyramids and the Sphinx, and a record of glorious history lasting for several thousand years. Similarly Babylonia, Assyria and Chaldea, the great civilizations of Iran and Iraq whose references are so frequent in Old Testament and Bible also went into oblivion. Dynasties of kings ruled for hundreds of years and then have been replaced by others. Rise or fall of any civilization for a while or even total extinction did not make much of a difference to mankind at large, the society grew continually and reached the present level of development when the man has become the master of skies. Encyclopaedic History of World Civilization deals with the life and condition of various peoples of the six continents of the world from the earliest times, through various stages of development till the time of its publication. This set of sixty-five volumes is written for common readers but care has been taken that it is equally helpful to students, teachers, and researchers and to those who seek the most satisfactory writings for historical writings. It is not designed for the specialists but, certainly, it may serve the researcher as a foundation for his research.
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ISBN- 81-261-1354-5

Islam, with its very advent broke all dogmatic traditions. A new wave swept the whole world in a few decades. The followers of Islam left their footprints, wherever they appeared. They changed the social fabric and the political system altogether, in countries they ruled. Islam's impact if visible on all aspects and spheres of life. It has influenced the culture and way of living in all societies under its control, directly or indirectly. This work studies Islam's impact on the world and India, separately, in a very objective manner. Hopefully, it should prove to be a comprehensive and exhaustive book on the subject.
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ISBN- 81-7041-719-8

Emergence of New Russia contains a panoramic survey of Russian history as well as gives a detailed review and analysis of contemporary events such as fall of Gorbachov, disintegration of the Soviet empire and the consequent rise of the Commonwealth of Independent States. It analyses the Indo-Russian relations both in economic and political spheres. This analytical and lucid study tells the readers as to how long will President Boris Yeltsin last. In November 1992 the Russian Parliament shot down what had been described as an "anti-crisis programme" by 137 votes to 20 with 13 abstentions. The book delves deep into Russian traditions and gives a fascinating portrait of Russia old and new. Can the nation which defeat Changiz Khan in 13th Century, Nepoleon in the 19th century and Adolf Hitler in 1941, lie as defeated and dejected? Before the 20th century ends, Russia will rise like a phoenix and became again a great power. The author has given an admirable description of Russia's cultural traits and has forecast the futuristic political and economic trends. It is necessary to read "Emergence of New Russia" to understand and appreciate the current conditions in Modern Russia.
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ISBN- 81-7041-718-X

Kashmir as a field of Folklore literature is, perhaps, not surpassed in fertility by any other country in the world; and yet, while every year witnesses the publication of books on the subject from Bengal, Bombay, Madras, Punjab, and other parts; and while each successive number of The Indian Antiquary, Indian Notes and Queries, and latterly the Charistian College Magazine and The Indian Evangelical Review, presents to us articles more or less relevant, this field, ripe for the harvest, has remained almost ungleaned. No doubt its isolated position and the difficulty of its language have had something to do with this apparent neglect. The primary object to collecting these stories is to obtain some knowledge of Kashmiri, which is a purely colloquial language. Secondary object is to ascertain something of the thoughts and ways of the people. Many of these stories are, probably, purely Kashmiri in origin, while others are undoubtedly variants of popular tales current in India and other parts, which have been adapted and modified to suit the language, style of thought, and social usages of the country. In the present book the author has drawn the attention of the Folk-lorist to the notes in connection with the different stories. They have been gathered and arranged with some care, in the hope that they may help the reader to turn up readily to variants of the tale, or of different incidents in the tale. All Kashmiri or Hindustani words have been fully explained-if they are special words, at the end of the page on which they occur, and if they are ordinary, in the Glossary at the end of the book.
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