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Population, term referring to the total human inhabitants of a specified area, such as a city, country, or continent, at a given time. Population study as a discipline is known a demography. It is concerned with the size, composition, and distributions of populations; their pattern of change over time through births, deaths, and migration; and the determinations and consequences of such changes. Population studies yield knowledge important for planning, particularly by governments, in field such as health, education, housing, social security, employment, and environmental preservations. Such studies also provide information needed to formulate government population policies, which seek to modify demographic trends in order to achieve economic and social objectives.

In 1952 India took the lead among developing nations in adopting an official policy to regulate its population growth. India’s started purpose was to facilitate social and economic development by reducing the burden of a young and rapidly growing population. Surveys to ascertain contraceptive knowledge, attitude, and practice shoed a high proportion f couples wishing no more children. This work gives a categorical account of Population Geography in pros and cons, describing basic principles and empirical findings.
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ISBN- 81-261-2935-2


Encyclopedia of Geology broadly covers various aspects of geology with illustration. A very well written work of geological terms covering all aspects of theoretical and practical geology, including types of ores, types of strata, faults, valleys and streams, the structure of the Earth, crystallography, physical geology, historical geology, mineralogy, marine geology, plate tectonics, petrology, sediment logy, and stratigraphy. Terms are easy to find and the definitions are exact and to the point and where needed are explained in detail. The description of minerals is particularly helpful. Whether a complete beginner, a college student, or a seasoned professional, this book will fill the gaps in background knowledge and make geology easy to understand for everyone.

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ISBN- 81-261-1874-1


Education is a vast discipline and Teachers’ Training is a vital part of it. The responsibilities of the educationists and educators are focused on the task of providing better training to the future teachers for their better learning and proper development. Needless to say that this responsibility can only be exercised, if the trainers are equipped with the required knowledge of the subject concerned. That’s why it becomes essential for making adequate provisions for each course to the student-teachers or teacher trainees. The present series is designed for providing a solid workable base for all course-papers. It has been prepared strictly according to the syllabus of the B.Ed. class, prescribed by the UGC for different universities.
The present book viz. Modern Teaching of Geography covers all aspects of teaching geography in the present day context.

Introduction; The Fundamentals; Basic Elements; Objectives and Aims of Teaching; Correlation with other Disciplines; role of the Teacher; methods of Teaching; Different Stages of Teaching; Aids in Teaching; Significance of Textbooks; Significance of Examinations; Lesson Plan; The Curriculum; etc.
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