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ISBN- 81-7041-564-3


We have built a scientific and technical civilization that is encroaching heavily on nature. Hence, since the beginning of mechanization we have been inflicting cruel blows on nature. The scientific and technical civilization is acting one sidedly and to an increasing extent anarchically on the biosphere. This means that our scientific pursuit must closely follow the result of our impact on every one of the components of our living system.

The whole problem is of stress on our modern biosocial environment which insinuate the surrounding social milieu and not only the physical environment in a strict sense of the term.

Main topics elaborately discussed in this book are: Introduction; Environmental Problems; Environment: An Impact Assessment; Analysis of the environmental Problems: Case Studies; Pollution: An Appraisal; Pollution control (Air and water) and its Concept; etc.

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ISBN- 81-7488-583-8


In recent years biotechnology has created anew visits in the field of science and technology. The application of biotechnology in the field of Environmental science has remained neglected till recently. First biotechnology is not a discipline but a field of activity in the environmental conservation, protection and above all application to ameliorate the dwindling scenario of natural resources. Secondly, genetic engineering per se is not a discipline but an exciting development which will have an enormous impact on biotechnology. We have tried to draw attention to possible scientific technological and also raise a number of Environmental issues for further debate which are linked, directly or indirectly, with policies on environment.

A short glossary of commonly used scientific terms has also been provided.

Here is this book, manual for plant cell and tissue culture, a tool for both Environment and Biotechnology.
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ISBN- 81-7041-352-4



Environmental Chemistry is a recent branch of study, introduced as paper at undergraduate as well as post graduate level in many universities. But there are very few works by Indian writers on this subject. The present book is an attempt in this direction. Each topic covered in this book is self-sufficient in itself and is well explained with the help of suitable figures. An attempt has been made to describe each topic in the light of latest developments in the field in a simple language and elegant style.

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Having done extensive study of the complex process of evolution of political boundaries of the nations of the world the author has brought a cosmopolitan view of changing pattern of history, geographical and political processes which hade influenced expansion, contraction and permanency of national frontiers since early era. These facts of vedic era, Greek and Roman, Chinese and Egyptian, North and South American inhabitant’s civilization and culture have been interwoven lucidly and described chronologically being affected by astronomical, geometrical, anthropological Military, Strategical and technological factors.
In the beginning frontiers were state limit like unknown Ocean beyond the shore. Gradually it became a zone or frontier march. Ultimately it became a fortified well guarded border of two neighboring States or Nations. Rockeys & Andese, Pyrenees, Kurdistan, Zagros Taurus, Saikiang mountains provided limits to boundaries. The first World War (1914 to 1919 AD) and Second World War (1939 to 1945 AD) and advancement of mechanization and compulsions of population for ‘lebensraum’ (additional space) migrated individuals who established Imperial colonies around the world. Wars were fought to settle boundary issues. Treaties were concluded among nations. The boundaries are not always the fixed lines. They are susceptible for change due to change in national philosophy and requirement of inhabitants. Individual can come and go but the national boundaries will continue to remain some time permanent or flexible. Let the readers know the Process of genesis of boundaries too.

This book is of immense value to research and competitive scholars, a treasure of knowledge to the Geo-politicians, Histo-Geographers, and Defence and Strategical leaders and to the readers who want to understand foreign policies of the powerful and developing nations, basic history of current events as well as current aggairs. It will reveal hidden facts of growth and disintegration of states and empires. It will be a pride possession for all libraries having Geo-politics and other disciplines of Arts and for defence libraries.
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