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ISBN- 81-261-0224-1

The philosophy of Total Quality Management (TQM) provides the overall concepts that foster continuous improvements in an organization. This book provides the reader with a wider knowledge of the TQM process in order to understand the complexity of the system both at the corporate and grassroots level in plantation. Unlike many other currently available TQM publications, this book. . Focuses on TQM principles and concepts and its application to enhance Production, Productivity and Quality (PRQ) aspects of plantation sector. . Distinguishes difference between Product Quality and Human Dimension of Quality to present unique and grassroots level workable approach for Total Quality of sustainable improvement. . Providing detailed hygiene and safety oriented quality improvement tools for processing units. . Has many practical examples and case studies to help readers understand and appreciate the topics covered. . Focuses on Global Standards for plantation product manufacturing and R&D laboratory management. . Provides a world-class framework for engineering management for processing units.
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ISBN- 81-261-0432-5

Human communication media has progressed through four distinct phases. During the first four stages/phases, humanity proceeded from speaking to writing and then to printing and telecommunication. In the fifth phase, which is currently taking the shape, the emphasis will be on interactive communication systems. The present work in four volumes, bring together valuable material on the Print Media Communications; Print Media Communication: Role of Books and Periodicals; Modern Communication Media; Satellite Communications; Communication Media: Role of Editor and Producer; Communication: Writing and Reporting; Media: Reporting and Editing; News Casting; Concepts of Communication Media; Trends in Communication Media; Development of Communication Media; Media Gathering; Media Presentation; Laws of Media; Legislation and Council etc. This work will prove highly informative to all the media persons and general public alike.
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ISBN- 81-261-0459-7

The aim of this encyclopaedia is to present a comprehensive picture of the scope and techniques of advanced journalism. It is the first time such an attempt has been made and we believe it is long overdue. The responsibilities of journalists-social. legal and professional-have been discussed here and the need for a code of ethics for journalists have been emphasized. Some of the codes evolved at different time have been presented and the rules of Press Council and ombudsman have been briefly described. Journalism requires a sympathetic understanding of mankind, and also a solid objective analysis of how mankind meets the problem of this age.
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ISBN- 81-261-1460-6

Electronic Commerce popularly called E-Commerce is often used interchangeably with the term "E-Business". In reality, E-business carries a much broader sense rather than just the shopping. Some people also use the term "Internet Commerce" to mean electronic commerce that specifically uses the Internet or the web for data transmission. In its simplest form, it refers to shopping on the part of the Internet called the World Wide Web or the Web. But web shopping is only a small part of the E-Commerce picture. The term also includes online stock transactions, downloading software without going near a store, etc. For most businesses, it's not really about selling at all but about improving relationships among suppliers, distributors and customers. Electronic Commerce can be defined as any form of computerized buying and selling, both by consumers and from company to company, which facilitates choosing the goods, ordering, delivery, after sales support and payment. E-Commerce is shrinking the world. Distant markets suddenly are within easy reach, saving business time and money, prospecting and presenting new business opportunities based on better and more thorough information. Keeping in view the rapidly growing importance of e-commerce, the present dictionary is prepared. The terms are judiciously selected and defined accurately and explained. Substantially based on authoritative sources, this can be used as a dependable reference tool.
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