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ISBN- 81-7488-667-2

Research in Commerce and Management is the sixth publication in the series of Researches in Social Science. The others are on Geography, History, Political Science, Sociology and Economics. The work is a classified list of the theses accepted for the award of Ph.D. and D.Litt. degrees by the Indian Universities and other Institutions of Higher Learning, where Commerce and Management is a subject of study and research. The titles included in this work are form the very beginning to the year 1995. The very purpose of compiling such classified bibliographies is to prevent repetition in research work by the different subject Headings, popularly and contemporarily known to the scholars in the field of Commerce and Management. It will also help the scholar and research workers to choose the topics for future research. The teachers and students in the subject concerned will welcome this publication. This will help in saving the precious time, labour and money of not only the research scholars but also that to the nation as the whole. This work will prove useful and informative reference tool to the researchers and teachers besides other agencies.
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ISBN- 81-261-1770-2

This book takes a point of departure from the most sociological studies of trade unionism in that the hitherto existing studies have focused either on how workers in general and the trade union members in particular perceive and experience trade unionism and on the role and functions of top trade union leadership. Surprisingly enough, trade unions have not been studied from the vantage point of the changing needs and requirements of contemporary Indian society, which embarked upon creating a modern industrial society in the context of globalization and the process of structural readjustment. An attempt has been made in this book to examine the question, whether the present-day trade unions have ever made any serious attempts to effect changes in their structure, functions, ideologies and strategies of action; largely the legacies of the past, in response to sweeping social economic and technological changes that have accompanied the worldwide process of globalization. And whether the trade union leaders particularly at plant level are at least ever really aware of the need for such changes. This book viewed in this way represents an attempt by the author to assess the perception of the public of the current trade unionism at the grass root level. This book is primarily addressed t the postgraduate and research students of M.A. Sociology, Political Science, M.B.A. and M.S.W., Industrial Psychology and Industrial Economics besides the practitioners of industrial relations and personnel management like labour lawyers, management experts, trade union leaders and human rights activists.
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ISBN- 81-7488-146-8

Managerial Economic applies economic theory and methods to business and administrative decision-making. Because it uses the tools and techniques of economic analysis to solve managerial problems, managerial economics links traditional economics with the decision sciences to develop important tools for managerial decision-making. Equally important, managerial economics is just as relevant to the management of non-business, non-profit organizations such as government agencies, cooperatives, schools, hospitals, museums and similar institutions, as it is to profit oriented business, In order to deal with these, the Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Managerial Economics has been compiled and edited. It is more or less a dictionary but encyclopaedic in its contents and nature of presentation. An attempt is made to keep a balance between the terms taken from economic concepts and measurement techniques. The terms are fully explained and illustrated where needed. This encyclopaedic dictionary, which is the first of its kind in the area will prove too be of immense utility to the students, researchers, academicians, managers, administrators, professionals, and policy-makers for providing them a right perspective and a clear understanding of the subject.
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ISBN- 81-7041-134-3

This dictionary is an attempt to cover the terminology related to all the functional aspects of management. Most of the commonly used terms have been listed and an attempt has been made to make the terms as much clearly as possible. Very simple language has been used in most of the terms except where it has not been possible. Some terms included in this dictionary might have become absolute but these have been included for their historical importance. This dictionary will be useful to students pursuing management courses in India Institutes. This dictionary will also be useful to professionals and plasticizing managers, functional executive's management consultants, professionals, accountants and academics.
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