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ISBN- 81-7041-944-1

The book primarily deals with the methodology of teaching of history and places stress on the fundamentals of modern philosophy of education. It is designed to meet the requirements of teachers and pupils alike. It will enable the teachers to develop in their students a sense of basic understanding of history, national integration, international understanding, cooperation, tolerance etc. For inculcation of such traits various chapters give details description. Details of various teaching aids are given in chapters with these headings. The book also gives model lesson plains for the guidance of prospective teachers.

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ISBN- 81-261-0726-X

This book 'Heat and Thermodynamics' is a book meant for students of B.Sc. (Hons.) and M.Sc. students. The book covers majority of topics included in the syllabus of Indian Universities. The book has been divided into 7 chapters and the matter has been presented in a systematic and simple way so that it could easily be grasped by an average student.

The book will be of immense value to the students of chemistry, physics and applies science. In preparing the book I have taken help from the works of many authors. Suitable diagrams are given to explain the problem wherever necessary.

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ISBN- 81-261-0721-9

In this book an attempt has been made to discuss the nature of Chemical bond. The questions such as how such a bond is formed? What are the forces involved in the formation of a bond?, How are the properties of a compound depend on the nature of the bond?., have been discussed in simple and easy to understand manner.

The concepts of hybridisation and orbital overlap, hydrogen bonding and its consequences, metallic bounding and its theories have been discussed with the help of suitable diagrams.

The geometry and shapes of certain molecules and bond parameters have also been discussed with suitable examples.

The book can be conveniently used as a text book and a reference book for the students of Indian universities.

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ISBN- 81-261-0999-8

The book 'Chemistry of Gaseous State' deals with the behaviour of gases and covers almost all that is included in the syllabi of degree classes of universities. It makes an effort to place all aspects of gases and their behaviour in a comprehensive manner. The topics included in the book are the gas laws, kinetic theory of gases, Equations of state of real gases and ideal gases, liquefaction of gases, partial modal properties of gases, specific heats of gases etc. In some of the topics the thermodynamic treatment of the topic has been included to make the subject matter more logical. The subject matter has been arranged in eight chapters and each matter has been presented in a systematic and simple way so that it can easily be grasped by an average student. A number of diagrams are incorporated at appropriate places in the text to explain certain points.

It is hoped that the book will serve as a reference book as well as text book fro the degree students of Indian universities.

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