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ISBN- 81-261-2732-5

Encyclopaedia of Nanotechnology is one of its kinds in terms of coverage, scope, elaboration, usefulness and futuristic perspective. Nanotechnology is now a rapidly growing field of research and development that is cutting across many traditional boundaries. This technology has the ability to control or manipulate on the atomic scale. Nano is a prefix meaning one billionth (1/1,000,000,000). This is why; Nanotechnology overlaps with a wide range of the existing sciences. Subjects that seem at present to have the most direct and constructive involvement with Nanotechnology are: Optical and Quantum Physics; Molecular Biology; Biomedical Engineering (through genetics and Microbiology); Electrical Engineering (through MEMS systems); Software Engineering (through AI, Communication and Information Systems). The applications of nanotechnology are near limitless, but the main focus seems to be on its use in medical applications. That seems to be what's driving the research, since it would give us to opportunity to cure most diseases, even possibly eliminating the concept of natural death. There are so many other applications, however, ranging from mundane to incredibly profound. Other applications include ultra-fast & high memory capacity computers, highly advanced communication systems, advanced display technology, advanced biological imaging, stem-cell engineering, medical diagnostic tools, sensors for airborne pollutants energy storage materials, photovoltaic cells, fuel cells, polymer nanocomposites, super-tough nanocoatings, landmine detectors, and thousands more. Nanotechnology has, therefore, become the hottest topic of discussion in the scientific world, media, government circles and corporate circles. Although it is a field that has already seen its share of hype, there is a general consensus that over the long term, nanotechnology is likely to reconfigure everything.

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ISBN- 81-261-1123-2

The present book has been written to meet the laboratory needs of students of B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry and Chemistry. The subject matter has been discussed in detail with suitable diagrams. Each experiment is accompanied with theoretical background so that the students may understand and perform the experiments easily.

The book consists of synthesis of organic compounds including polymers, experiments related to pharmaceutical chemistry, volumetry and physical chemistry.

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ISBN- 81-261-3070-9

India boasts of rising itself to the status of a few big nations, which are advanced in science and technology. India made most of the long strides after independence. Once, crumbled and crushed India is now an invigorated and ignited soul yearning for capturing the space. As for India's progress in science, it has been excelling in software development and nuclear sciences. Besides, Indian universities and educational institutes are now attracting people from across the world.

Specifically focused on the Indian science and technology, this modest work is a fruition of concerted efforts and research based analysis and data. Written in easy and lucid language, its organization has been made very naturally and orderly.

A must read for enthusiasts of science and technology and an important tool of information for the general readers.

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ISBN- 81-261-2074-6

Education is a vast discipline and Teachers' Training is a vital part of it. The responsibilities of the educationists and educators are focused on the task of providing better training to the future teachers for their better learning and proper development. Needless to say that this responsibility can only be exercised, if the trainers are equipped with the required knowledge of the subject concerned. The present series is designed for providing a solid workable base for all course-papers. It has been prepared strictly according to the syllabus of the B.Ed. class, prescribed by the UGC for different universities.

The present book viz. Modern Teaching of Chemistry covers all aspects of teaching chemistry in the present day context.

Introduction; History of the Subject; Status of the Subject; The Perspective; Goals and Purposes; Teacher's Status; Organised Teaching; Teacher's Responsibility; Teaching Methods; Devices for Teaching; Laboratory for Practicals; Study of Gases and Acids; Audio-Visual Aids; Development of Curriculum; Lesson Planning; and Judging the Capability; etc.

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