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ISBN- 81-7041-238-2

The field of physical Chemistry has become so vast that it becomes difficult to know how far its boundaries have been extending. This dictionary has been an attempt to define terms in common practice.

Every attempt has been carefully made to write the entries in a clear and lucid style to provide both straight ward definitions and invaluable background information. At appropriate places, line drawing has been included whenever the meaning of a word can be best conveyed by means of a diagram. The terms included in this dictionary have been presented in brief analytical phrases thereby avoiding the well comprehensive type of treatment appropriate to large reference works.

The dictionary will be of immense value to the students of Physical Chemistry and other studying or working in related fields.

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ISBN- 81-7041-274-9

Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Chemistry, a pioneering work, consisting of six volumes, includes carefully selected terms encompassing all branches of chemistry such as Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry and Drugs. Encyclopaedic in nature, this comprehensive dictionary provides accurate definitions, explanations with illustrations and mathematical expressions wherever necessary.

All the entries are written in a clear and lucid style to provide both straight forward definitions and valuable background information.

The presentation throughout has been aimed at sustaining the interest of readers while enriching their vocabulary and comprehension of technical terms and expressions.

Undoubtedly, this dictionary will serve as vade mecum for undergraduate and for those appearing for competitive examinations, besides researchers, teachers, scientists and authors in the field.

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ISBN- 81-261-2906-9

The Encyclopaedia of Biotechnology covers an enormous range of technical terms from both pure and applied Biotechnology; this superb reference goes beyond basic definition to provide helpful explanations and examples. All aspects of biotechnology and genetic engineering are presented in accurate, easy-to-understand way. The text provides concise definitions of terms for persons unfamiliar to biotechnology, and clarified new terms and how they are being used for those who are already somewhat conversant in the area. It explore the most up-to-date research in the field-from gene cloning, to the creation of genetically engineered plants and animals, to the ability to derive genetic fingerprints from microscopic samples of tissue. The explanations of entries range form brief definitions of a few lines to expository discussions of various lengths. In terms of its broader objectives, these entries from such fields as genetic engineering, DNA recombination, enzyme technology, biochemical technology, fermenter technology, somatic cell cultures, biophysics, biomedical sciences. Both succinct and wide-ranging, this volume is an ideal handy reference work and great introduction for students and non-scientists alike.

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ISBN- 81-261-1324-3

Biochemistry is the study of the composition, the synthesis and the chemical degradation of the chemical compounds found in the living organisms. It encompasses all the chemical reactions carried out by cells. It spans an immune range from thermodynamics to cell biology, genetics and physiology. It is designed to introduce the principles of biochemistry and their application to the students of Indian Universities who are taking their first and perhaps their only course in biochemistry. Every effort has been made to incorporate the modern conception in biochemistry in a very simple process, explicit and lucid manner. Whenever possible, the subject matter has been illustrated with the aid of self explanatory diagrammatic representations. This book is principally for students taking a first course in cell biology, by the undergraduate, graduate and medical students.

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