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ISBN- 81-261-2866-6

The Encyclopaedia is planned for a very broad audience working in the field of ecology and environment. Completely updated, this comprehensive encyclopaedia contains over 10,000 nanoscience terms, phrases, acronyms, and abbreviations from the ever-expanding worlds of nanoscience.

From the basic elements of theory to the most cutting-edge technology, all is explained in this book. It comprises conservative aspect as nature, ecosystems and pollution, and also the rapidly expanding new fields of environmental technology. This volume explains definitions, latest research, well-known phrases, and much, much more. Scholarly, straightforward, comprehensive, this is a resource that covers fill field magnificently.
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A valuable reference work for students and professionals, this encyclopaedia contains terms covering vast range of subjects like acid rain, CFCs, greenhouse effect, environmental pollution, climatology, meteorology, geomorphology, pollution, climate, forestation, desertification, endangered species, environmental impact, forest conservation, global warming, wildlife and fish environmental science, agro forestry, water resource, community forestry, silviculture, Remote sensing, GIS, environmental science management, international forestry, soils, recreation, wilderness, management and pathology. This Encyclopaedia integrates all of the diverse approaches that have gone into the making of the modern field of environmental science. Environmental science is intended for all those interested in this field.
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ISBN- 81-7488-000-3

The growth of biotechnology as an organised discipline has been remarkable in the past one decade. This has been the direct result of the revolutionary changes in various biological and scientific techniques. This book has been carefully designed, structured, compiled and edited to provide the students of biotechnology, at different levels, with a handy and reliable source for definitions, statements, laws, theories, principles and concepts, and various experimental techniques. The presentation throughout has been aimed at sustaining the interest of the readers while enriching their vocabulary and comprehension of technical terms and expressions. Each chapter included in this book is self-sufficient in itself. Wherever necessary, suitable diagrams have been added to make the concept more clear. The concepts included in each chapter of this book have been presented in brief analytical phrases thereby avoiding the more comprehensive type of treatment appropriate to large reference works.

This book will provide a reference source as well as a textbook for students of Biotechnology, Medical, Plant Breeding, Botany, Zoology, Pharmacy, Genetics, Cytology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Cytogenetics, Agriculture and Environmental Science. The man with very little background in biotechnology will find this book invaluable and it will be exceptionally useful to the students as well as to the expert.
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This dictionary has been written to provide reference source for students of agriculture, farmers and all those involved in or associated with the agriculture industry in whatever capacity. It is concerned essentially with agricultural, botanical, geographical, biological, physical, Geomorphological and chemical terms as may be needed to provide adequate information. Entries also include the most common and agriculturally significant diseases and pests of farm animals or crops with their symptoms.

The terms included in this dictionary have been presented in brief analytical phrases thereby avoiding the more comprehensive type of treatment appropriate to large reference works. The extent of each entry has been determined by the need for definition of meaning, function and agriculture relevance. In this dictionary, entries have been added to take account of recent developments and trends in agricultural industry.
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