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ISBN- 81-261-2823-2

Quantitative Methods as a paper is being taught at M.Com. M.B.A. and other Management Courses at various universities and institutions. This book is designed as an introductory text to the above paper, encompassing vital information on all pertinent aspects. Thus the material presented here would be of interest as well as of great use to the students, teachers and professionals of Commerce and Business Management.

The elaborate information is contained under the following chapters-Mathematical Basis of Managerial Decisions; trices and Markov Chains; Probability Theory and Probability Distribution; Correlation Analysis; Regression Analysis; Analysis of Time Series; Skewness and kurtosis; Linear Programming Techniques; and Index Numbers; etc.

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ISBN- 81-261-2104-1

Education is a vast discipline and Teachers' Training is a vital part of it. The responsibilities of the educationists and educators are focused on the task of providing better training to the future teachers for their better learning and proper development. Needless to say that this responsibility can only be exercised, if the trainers are equipped with the required knowledge of the subject concerned. The present series is designed for providing a solid workable base for all course-papers. It has been prepared strictly according to the syllabus of the B.Ed. class, prescribed by the UGC for different universities.

The present book viz. Modern Teaching of Mathematics covers all aspects of teaching mathematics in the present day context.


Introduction; Interesting Subject; Status of the Subject; the Cultivation; Teacher's Role; Teaching Methods; Teaching Aims; Teaching Techniques; Teaching Devices; Prescribed Books; Micro-teaching; Curriculum Preparation; Curriculum Development; The Measurement; The Evaluation; Lesson Planning; Major Contributors; etc.

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ISBN- 82-261-2611-6

Science is the sermon of today. In every walk of life, since childhood till old age, science plays an important role in the life of man.

Basically, the branch of physics concerned with mathematical calculations and application is known as mathematical physics. This has played vital role in the advancement of science and technology.

This encyclopaedic work on Mathematical Physics encompasses authoritative information on all vital theories and their application in the subject. Efforts are made to incorporate latest information on each theme.

Details of the Volumes
. Mathematical Physics
. Mathematical Co- ordinations and variations.

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ISBN- 81-261-2396-6

The book Quantitative Techniques is basically a treatise written to train the readers to use the techniques of mathematical and statistical analysis, which are commonly applied to understand and analyse economic problems. The thrust is on understanding the economic concepts with the help of mathematical methods rather than learning mathematics itself. The subject matter of the book is specially designed for use by students/teachers, who have got a rudimentary knowledge of mathematics and as such it is presumed that the readers are aware of only with elementary algebra and geometry. This book also deals with simple tools and techniques, which may help readers in the collection, compilation, presentation, analysis of data and drawing inferences about statistical hypotheses.

The book contains six modules (Three of mathematical methods and three of statistical methods) which run in Twenty One chapters. Various mathematical concept like Functions, Limits and Continuity, differential and Integral Calculus, Input-output analysis, Game Theory, linear programming, etc. are dealt with the help of illustrations from economics. Similarly, various statistical tools like Correlation and Regression analysis, Estimation and Testing, Probability, Census and Sample investigations, etc., are also dealt in separate chapters in last three modules. The book is supposed to fulfill the object in all its perfection, but no one can claim for complete perfection, so is the case with this book also.

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