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Encyclopedia of Environmental Air Pollution which compiled and judiciously edited in three volumes, deals with the scientific discussion of air pollution, its adverse effects on the human beings and the environment and as well as various methods of its control.
Safe life on earth in being endangered by Ozone layer depletion, hazardous industrial vases emission to atmosphere, smoke, pollution of air due to hydro carbons and other such things.
The set contains the latest development happened on the subject during the last tow decades. The text has been treated in a rigorous and quantitative manner;many such concepts, which are helpful in the solution of problems of air pollution, have been dealt in. Data from developed and underdeveloped countries are included to make the study more meaningful and interesting. This set which assumed no previous knowledge of the subject has been based on the various methods which the editor has followed over a number of years of teaching water pollution at all levels to be most easily understood by the students. Complex mathematical treatment is avoided in the text but simple mathematics has been used at scattered places.

The set serves the compelling demands of the environmentalist, civil and environmental engineers, operators of air treatment plants, environmental protection agencies, conservationists, law enforcement agencies, public administrators and such persons who are involved directly or indirectly with air pollution. It is also for research scholars. Keeping in view the size and treatment of text, the work has become monumental in the field of environmental sciences.
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ISBN- 81-7188-439-4


Excessively consumer-oriented culture and human greed have done irreparable damages to the environment and ecology of this planet. Waste and its disposal is the gravest problem before the mankind. In the prevalent words pollution is the wrong amount of the wrong thing in the wrong place at the wrong time. Environmental pollution due to waste, whatever may its source be, has reached menacing dimensions.
The present Encyclopedia of Environmental Waste Pollution which is compiled and edited judiciously in two volumes is veritable mine of authoritative scientific information on the problem of waste pollution.
No doubt, the present encyclopedia will prove most useful reference tool to the researchers, teachers, policy planners and activists in the field of environment. This will prove useful to the general readers as well.

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ISBN- 81-7488-437-8

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Environmental Analysis is the evaluation of natural environment and of damage to it through human and non-human agencies. For comprehensive evaluation of an ecosystem, it is essential to monitor both qualitatively and quantitatively spatial and temporal variations in structural and functional attributes of environment which may be categorized physical, chemical and biological.
The Encyclopedia of Environmental Analysis, consisting of three volumes, is a veritable mine of systematic and scientific information on the subject.
Undoubtedly, the present Endeavour will prove useful and informative to all researchers, students, and academics in the field of environmental studies as well as to policy planners and activists in the field.




The Valley of Kashmir is bestowed with profound habitat diversity, floristic and fanatic richness and hence has attracted botanists, zoologists, travelers from distant places. The information available on the biodiversity of this biological heaven is still incomplete and the data published so far are scanty, too technical, widely scattered, and difficult to obtain. Presented in this compendium is a consolidated and lucid account of the up-to-date knowledge on biodiversity of Kashmir Himalaya.
The present book is the first of its kind on biodiversity of Kashmir and is the outcome of authors’ painstaking efforts to collate scattered information available on floristic and futuristic diversity of Kashmir, and to critically review the previous works in a comprehensive manner.
It encompasses 20 chapters, highlighting species richness in various groups of plants (algae, fungi, bryophytes, pteriodophytes, gymnosperms, angiosperms) and  animals (protozoan’s, annelids, mollusks, arthropods, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals), economically important  bioresearches, and threatened flora and fauna. Discussion on the present state of biodiversity conservation and its future needs is also given. The figures accompanying the text and an exhaustive appended bibliography have considerably added to the value of the book.

The book fulfils the long-felt need of documenting the current status of biodiversity of Kashmir. It will serve as a one-volume library on the biodiversity of Kashmir to a wide range of users, including students, teachers, researchers, naturalists, environmentalists, conservationists, foresters, resource managers, planners, Government agencies, and NGO’s.
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