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ISBN- 81-261-1489-4

The present title Encyclopaedia of Research Mathodology has been carefully compiled and edited to meet the long felt needs of increasing number of students and researchers who have to deal with habits, behaviour, collection, reproductive biology, care and management of laboratory animals and preparation for microscopic studies including microscopes, instruments of staining processes. It is one of the few books that give a practical introduction to the husbandry of laboratory animals for use both by research workers and technicians involved. It will also be needed for students of reproduction in agriculture, veterinary, medicine, zoology and the biomedical sciences. The material presented in the following pages will afford the student and researcher in the subject a comprehensive view and appropriate background material for focused studies. It is our earnest hope that this book will be of great value to all our students.
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ISBN- 81-7041-696-5

The book explores the challenging issues concerning population explosion, energy crisis, environmental chaos, economic scenario, slum and urban challenges and health for all dilemmas in the context of 21st century. The study highlights socio-economic, demographic and all related problems of planning and development with social reference to India and also in a worldwide perspective. Such is the first time effort to bring all the challenging aspects of 21st century in a comprehensive book form. The study is academic and empirical and warns the planners, administrators and politicians to be aware of the challenges which are likely to threaten the human survival in the 21st century due to demographic explosion, housing shortages, emergence for alarming growth of slum and squatter settlement, deterioration in the equality of life and acute scarcity of physical resources and lack of public utility services particularly in the urban areas. The book will interest the planners in politicians, policy makers and research scholars in India and throughout the world.
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ISBN- 81-7041-699-X

Environment in the sub-continent is very fragile at improper and unplanned development has further damaged and deteriorated it. The mighty mountains have been blasted to make roads, dams, canals and other engineering structures. This has made the rocks unstable, mobile and weak. The menace of landslides, soil erosion, flash floods and drying up of sub-surface springs and rivers area all due to unplanned and haphazard development. The population explosion is reducing the area of forest land, agricultural land, shrinking the natural resources, mineral resources and livestock resources. The rapid urbanization and industrialization is deteriorating the quality of life. The pollutants are polluting the atmosphere and water. The industrial effluents, garbage and human refuse is polluting the entire environment. The insecticides are damaging the fauna and flora. The vehicular emissions and industrial smoke are damaging the ozone layer. The deforestation is destroying the habitats of the wildlife. Already many species of animals and plants have become extinct. The diverse natural and un-natural forces are bent upon destroying the environment. It is high time that we should take measures to protect our environment from all those forces that are destroying and damaging it. With an object to educate the masses about the conservation of the environment, the present volume has been brought out.
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ISBN- 81-7488-648-6

In the present age, when everyone is aware of the importance of a sustainable environment, training the mass in 'Environmental Management' is the need of hour. The present Encyclopaedia, in two volumes, contains most useful Information about Environmental Management Major yet crucial topics such as Introduction to environmental management, Environmental Pollution, Environment-Problems and Perspectives, Management of pesticide pollution, Management of waste heat, Management of throwaway packages; Management of air pollution control; Ozone layer, Ultra-violet radiation; Acid rain and its management, Management of agricultural pollution, Hazardous wastes; Forestry development; are elaborately discussed with the help of diagrams, wherever necessary. A very scientific treatment is adopted in narration. Researchers, academics, scientists from different branches of sciences, policy planners and administrators will find these volumes as vade-mecum.
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