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ISBN- 81-261-2985-9

Encyclopaedia of Nano Biology deals primarily with related areas in nanotechnology and their relationship with nanobiology and biomaterials. An introduction overview of quantum biology, nano medicine and molecular nanotechnology is provided. The rather important issues of nanosafety, nanolabs and nanobodies are discussed in detail. The tools and techniques of nanobiology and nanomedicine are summarized and their future impact on food, agriculture, fishing, veterinary & environment are discussed briefly. Crucial issues in nanobiology and nanomedicine are listed and explained.

Major areas where Nanotech products will invite some kind of regulation by government agencies include: biological products (vaccines, blood products, tissues); Cosmetics; Devices; Foods (for humans and animal feed, though generally not meat and poultry); dietary supplements; Drugs (human and animal); Radiation Emitting Electronic Products; Colour Additives used in food, drugs, cosmetics, devices; Combination products (i.e., drug-device, drug-biologic, and device-biologic products).

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ISBN- 81-261-2980-8

Encyclopaedia of Nano Biotechnology mainly deals with subject area where the science of Nanotechnology and biotechnology interact. This new science uses biological structures as building blocks of nanoscale devices, for example nanometres. Nano Biotechnology is also called 'wet dry' technology, representing biological and engineering components respectively as wet and dry and is the real future science.

This book tends to cover the aforementioned subject areas in their broadest possible terms. All useful supplementary research and reference tools have been included for readers' further investigations in the subject area. This book seeks to explain this complex field of study. It also seeks to provide an understanding of what is happening now in the field of nano biotechnology, as well as what to expect in future by generations to come.

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ISBN- 81-261-1483-5

Biotechnology is nothing new. In fact, it has been part of nature and life since ancient times. For instance preservation of food in dry form and making of sauce, vinegar, curd and wine are all results of a biotechnological exercise. In India in particular, Ayurveda has always utilized biotechnological techniques, in preparation of drugs and medicines. Later, it developed through medieval times to greater heights in Arab, Spain and India and later on in Europe also. In modern times, Biotechnology has acquired a new role to play as our present day life style largely depends on it. This study deals with Biotechnology, as a discipline. It covers all aspects of the subject, in view of making it beneficial for scholars and students alike.

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