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ISBN- 81-261-2771-6

Holy Quran, the divine book is a great treasure of knowledge and wisdom. It is the original source. This Holy book is the original source of inspiration for the whole mankind. Holy Quran stands for peace-peace for all, not for the Muslims, alone. In fact, Holy Quran, when interpreted, incorporated in its fold, safety and security for the whole mankind. Holy Quran, the divine scripture addresses all human beings, not only the Muslims. Prophet of Islam, Hadrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) is known as the benefactor of mankind. Thus, Islam's message is for the whole universe and Allah (god) is the Lord of all the worlds. Islam is universal in its nature, essence, belief, philosophy, ideology, approach and practice. Truly speaking, Holy Quran addresses all the human beings and not merely Muslims. Islam- despite being the most progressive, logical and scientific religion, on this planet-is also the most misunderstood religion. This confusion about Islam has recently increased due to certain eventual reasons. However, recently, Islam has attracted the minds of people towards it and resulted into a deep interest in knowing Islam. More and more people want to know about Islam, the religion, which has once again stirred the world community. Holy Quran, however, advocates non-violence, peace and fraternity. Holy Quran, from the very first day has raised the banner of reasoning and enlightenment, on the one hand and humanity, equality and fundamental rights on the other. The need of the hour is to correct the situation and to eradicate this feeling and tendency, prevailing all over and to depict the true picture of Islam. Hence, this bold and courageous endeavour, to bind the whole world of Holy Quran in the form of a series, spanning over dozens of books and titled as Encyclopaedia of Quranic Studies. This study also explores the relevance of Holy Quran in the contemporary world. One may believe it or not, today Islam is the fastest developing religion, which is spreading-through voluntary preaching and invitation-in the whole world and in West, including USA at a faster pace, than ever. Over the past few years, the popularity of Holy Quran and other authentic Islamic books has touched new heights. Islam is perhaps seen as the last bastion of spirituality, morality, tradition and religious values, leading to real salvation. For a comprehensive study of Holy Quran, one intelligent reader requires exclusive, authentic and exhaustive books to satisfy their urge, answer their quest and convince them on all counts. This voluminous study aimed at the same goal. These books are in fact a grand treasure of knowledge and awareness about Holy Quran and as well as a window, leading to Quaranic wisdom. Further, it ascertains the honourable status of Holy Quran as a perfect great book, relevant for all times. The honest intention of the Editors and compilers is focused on projecting Holy Quran in totality and in nutshell-bringing the whole world of Quranic Wisdom in the fold of one voluminous book. Peculiarly, every volume of this vast study is a comprehensive book in itself and covers a particular angle or dimension of Holy Quran. Too make it straight, all the volumes make one exhaustive huge book on one hand and each volu8me is a separate book on the other. Hopefully, this research-based work would fill the vacuum for a book of knowledge on Holy Quran and prove to be a source of information and reference for all scholars, researchers and general readers, coming from amongst the Muslims, Non-Muslims, orientalists and of course those Western scholars and researchers, who may require a good source in an international language. Details of the Volumes: . Fundamentals under Quran . Quran: Historical Aspects . Islamic Ideology under Holy Quran . Quranic Perceptions . Quranic Wisdom . Quranic Commands . Reasoning and Consensus under Quran . Quran and Customs . Lawful and Unlawful under Quran . Quran on Science . Spirit of Quran . Basics of Faith under Quran . Quran: Perfect Code . Islamic Philosophy under Quran . Quran and Bible . Society under Quran . Family Life under Quran . Morality under Quran . Policy under Quran . Governance under Quran . Economy under Quran . Education under Quran . Law under Quran . Peace under Quran . Dictionary of Holy Quran-Part I . Dictionary of Holy Quran-Part II
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ISBN- 81-261-2796-1

A dictionary is a list of words. It contains not only words or phrases in an alphabetical order but also significant information on diverse aspects thereof. For instance, syntactical aspect, graphological aspect, grammatical aspect, phonetical aspect, proper usage and so on. Holy Quaran is the compilation of divine revelations made from Allah to His last but most loved Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh). Originally, it is in the Arabic language. The language which has the greatest and the richest store-house of words. It has its own sweetness and peculiarities which distinguish it from the rest of the languages of the world. Present effort is one of the bold measures made so far in the field of exobiological issues. Rich in every aspect and unique in its clarity of explanation, it has its own right among a plethora of dictionaries. Precisely put, it is a must-have for every lover of the Quran.
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ISBN- 81-261-3084-9

Tissue is the most significant constituent of body. In fact, it is made up of cells, which is the smallest unit of the body. These are of various kinds with different functions. For instance, blood cells, bone cells, cells of the muscles, etc. in common parlance, cells constitute bones, flesh and blood. Then, the cells of a particular part may be of different sorts. Blood cells are of two kinds: red cells and white cells. While red cells provide oxygen to the body, white cells defend it from the external attack of bacteria. Tissues are, similarly, of different shapes, sizes and of various characteristics. Some are hard; some soft; some circular; some cylindrical and so on. Present work is based on meticulous efforts and well-researched facts. It covers a spectrum of tissues and offers an excellent read.
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ISBN- 81-261-2339-7

Islam, as a philosophy, a way of life and of course as a faith, has served like a lighthouse for the whole world. It has, as a force, influenced all civilizations. Be it education, social fabric or science, Islam has left its impact in all the spheres. In fact, Islam is basically a scientific and progressive religion. This series, unique in its presentation, is perhaps first of its kind, to take all the great events, developments and personalities in Islam, in its fold. All the significant aspects have been covered in these volumes. This multivolume study is based on original (Holy Quran and Traditions) and other authentic sources: Arabic, Persian and Urdu books and manuscripts. For further comprehension and comparative study, English books by Muslim scholars and as well as Western writers have also been consulted at length. The painstaking research and thorough study of thousands of pages by a team of scholars over a period of time, has resulted in an authentic, comprehensive, exhaustive, exclusive, gigantic and still interesting work, which is bound to fill a big vacuum in Islamic Studies. This voluminous work is based on authentic sources and material, available in libraries, institutes and some private collections, as well. A rich Bibliography, along with References is provided with each volume to prove the authenticity of the work and in order to guide the scholars and readers for further studies. This modest work should prove to be of worth for those, who are kind enough to peruse it and may desire to make use of it for their academic enrichment. Hopefully, these volumes would be able to satisfy the urge of all those who desire to know about real Islam and also to create a new awareness, regarding this religion, as a radical discipline, based on reason and opposed to fundamentalism and dogmatism. Though, a small effort, yet its rational treatment and radical approach make it different from other works on the same or related subjects.

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