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Education (Teaching Series)  
ISBN- 81-7488-041-0

This book is likely to serve as a reference book and text-book for students of B.Ed. classes in Indian universities. The book is very useful and handy for would be physical science teachers.

The book draws its material from various sources and deals with latest trends observed in teaching of physical sciences. The book includes recommendations made by Kothari Commission, UNESCO's international commission, etc. It also gives due place to the new Education policy of Government of India in its discussion of the subject.

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ISBN- 81-7488-219-7

This book is designed to serve both as a reference and a textbook for use of teachers and students of teachers training colleges in Indian Universities. The book deals with the methodology of teaching of social studies and lays emphasis on the modern philosophy of education. Special stress has been laid on different techniques use in teaching of social studies. The book highlights the scope of formal teaching techniques and also point out their limitations. An effort has been made to acquaint the reader with the process of change in theory and contents of social studies together with added emphasis on technique of teaching.

The book has been written in a simple and lucid style and is up to date in its contents. An attempt has been made to cover up most of the topics included in B.Ed. syllabus of the Indian universities. To illustrate the theory a few model lesson plans have been included in the book.

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ISBN- 81-261-2268-4

Education is a vast discipline and Teachers' Training is a vital part of it. The responsibilities of the educationists and educators are focused on the task of providing better training to the future teachers for their better learning and proper development. Needless to say that this responsibility can only be exercised, if the trainers are equipped with the required knowledge of the subject concerned. The present series is designed for providing a solid workable base for all course-papers. It has been prepared strictly according to the syllabus of the B.Ed. class, prescribed by the UGC for different universities. The present book entitled Teaching of General Science covers all aspects and techniques of teaching of general science in the present day context.


Introduction; Concept of Science and General Science; Path Tracking Developments in Science; Role of School Teacher; Teaching Objectives and Aims; Behavioural Objectives; Curriculum; Co-curricular Activities; Textbooks; Audio-Visual Aids; Methods of Teaching General Science; Teaching Approaches; Development of Teaching Skills; Lesson Planning; Evaluation; Evaluation Tools; Programmed Instruction for Science; Exercises; Bibliography.

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ISBN- 81-7488-497-1

Teaching requires specific planning and strategy, which varies from one setup to another. Teaching in urban schools differs from teaching in rural or other environment. The present book consists of very succinct and informative articles/essays' dealing with divers aspects of teaching in urban setup. Main topics discussed are: Introduction to Urban Schools; Urban Educational Decision-making; Teaching in Urban Schools; Socio-economic Dimensions of Urban Education; Socio-psychological Dimensions of Urban Education; Urban Educational Dimensions; Culturally Disadvantaged and the Future of Urban Education etc.

The book will prove informative and useful for students, researchers, teachers, teacher-trainers, policy planners and educational administrators besides a wide range of general readers.

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