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Demographically and also economically South Asian region, comprising the countries of Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, is one of the critical major regions of the world. By word standards, it is chararacterized by high rate of population growth, high density and high dependency. South Asian population growth makes it virtually certain that the tremendous rate at which population is increasing will double the number of people in the region within next 30 or 40 years, however vigorous and efficient family planning programmes may be. Indisputably, this region has been facing a population explosion of crisis dimensions. The entire battle against poverty is thwarted by the rapid increase in population. Without reduction in the rate of population increase, the cherished hopes of the people for better life are doomed to frustration.

In the present study, an attempt has been made to analyse the facts and features of South Asian population and the demographic factors affecting the pace and level of economic and social development in the region. A population policy for the region is also worked out, for South Asian's population problem cannot be solved by pretence and wishful thinking. It is emphasized that in the present context of South Asia what needed is the increase in the productive capacity to support a large population on the one hand and to the reduction in fertility rates on the other hand so that growth of population is stabilized at a lower level.

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For a few centuries, the science of demography has been in effect. The western countries were first to adopt the techniques and logical calculation and this very exercise gave birth to operative census-the countries of men and women. The British, along with other administrative measures introduced demographic surveys in India. Today, we have a record for more than a hundred years, which help us in ascertaining the growth and development of humanity, over the centuries. In modern context, Demography (the population studies) has evolved into a full-fledged discipline, with many a stream. As a science it is fully effective and as a technique, it is fully in operation. Now, it requires expertise to implement schemes and execute decision. And for the delivery of expertise, we need experts, who may successfully do their assigned jobs. Hence, a demand for relevant books on the subject.

This encyclopaedic work on Demography encompasses all relevant and vital information on the subject. The contents are supported by the facts and figures. Besides the academics, policy planners, and administrators will find this of utmost use.

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