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ISBN- 81-261-1487-8

Computer and Internet have revolutionized the process of dissemination of knowledge. Communication system has undergone drastic changes the world over. Time and space have lost the conventional meaning. Very aptly, as the modern time is known as computer age, it has become necessary to everyone to acquire computer literacy. Knowledge about and ability to learn about computers a luxury in gone by years, is a foundational level skill for the today's generation coming through the educational system.

This encyclopaedic dictionary is an attempt to bring together all the terms pertaining to the field. Clear and easy explanations/ definitions have made it more useful and informative. Substantially drawn from original sources this will prove reliable and authentic reference work to one and all.

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ISBN- 81-261-1496-7

The revolution in business caused by the internet and its related technologies demonstrates that information systems and information technology are essential ingredients for the success of internet worked business enterprises. In the last two decades, information technology has emerged in the world affecting our personal, social and public life and has made a significant impact on the quality of life. The field of information technology is like a sea where nothing can't be obtained sitting at shore. More deep is your dive, more pearls you get. Similarly to cope with the rapidly changing technology, it necessary to be in continuous touch of it. It handles data and information represented in digital, text, image, graphics or voice media and deals with communication, storage, processing and printing or exhibition in the manager and kind as desired by the users. This book explain in brief the principles and practices of computers in management which is the basis for conducting any business. It further explains all concepts which are used in information systems to make them more effective. It then deals with technology-Hardware, Software, database and so on. It emphasizes the role of decision support systems in computer fundamentals. The text is further is enriched with Glossary, Review question etc.

In general, we have taken care not to disturb the main theme of this subject. This book specially has been designed for M.B.A. examinations and other professional courses. We hope that the edition of this book would prove more useful to the students and the teachers of the subject.

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ISBN- 81-7488-151-4

It is difficult to define what "Information technology" is accurately. It is even more difficult to understand the plethora of terms used in connection with information technology, especially since so many new ones are being coined. This Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Information Technology defines a large number of computer terms, both formal and informal, while, at the same time, giving lengthier descriptions of a number of terms of particular importance. It has a number of emphases; first to define all the important terms used in information technology; second, to define all terms used in as concise and meaningful a way as possible; third, in some cases where it is not possible to give a very full description, the references are given where more information can be obtained. Fourth, the book has been designed in such a way that each term can be easily accessible and understandable. In order to make each definition self-contained, it is sometimes necessary to duplicate definitions but this has been reduced as far as possible.

Finally, the terms are confined to those which are of current use and outdated terms have been omitted. Whenever necessary, line diagrams have been included to illustrate the terms fully. This book is intended to be a useful reference book which, it is hoped, will be of great use to students, lecturers, librarians, scientist, engineers, computer personnels and DPMs and to anyone with an interest in information technology.

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As computer technology infiltrates our society and now people are intrigued, involved and confuse by new terms and new meanings for old terms. This dictionary includes the most frequently used words and terms pertaining to computer. An effort has been made to select the terms carefully because these are most likely to confront the novice when dealing with this emerging language within a language. A very useful system of cross references assists the reader to find his way from one related topic to another. It also allows the greatest amount of information to be given in a small space. Further, emphasis has also been laid on the latest in graphics, telecommunications and education. S.I. units are used throughout this dictionary.

The dictionary will be of immense value to students of computer science, scientists and storekeepers, clerks, accountants, managers, directors and engineers. All technical personnel will find the book an invaluable standby.

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