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All modern complex organizations deal with men, material, machinery and of course, money. This was postulated long ago by Forester who added information to the list.

Information is as vital a component to an organization as the other four, and is as crucial to its continued viability as the others put together. The analogy is to the genetic code carried by our chromosomes in a highly formal manner - the sheer regularity and carrying forward is essential for the organism to survive. Any departure can only lead to a cancerous decay process.

The long talked about growth of computers and the "information explosion" are economic institutions. The purpose of this book is to provide the fundamental knowledge to enable one to participate in the development and use of information systems in modern organizations and society. As such the title Information Technology for All.

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Education is a vast discipline and teachers' Training is a vital part of it. The responsibilities of the educationalists and educators are focused on the task of providing better training to the future teachers for their better learning and proper development. Needless to say that this responsibility can only be exercised, if the trainers are equipped with the required knowledge of the subject concerned. That is why it becomes essential for making adequate provisions for each course to the students-teachers or teacher trainees. The present series is designed for providing a solid workable base for all course-papers. It has been prepared strictly according to the syllabus of the B.Ed. class, prescribed by UGC for different universities.

The present book viz. Modern Teaching of Information Technology covers all aspects of teaching information technology in the present day context.

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ISBN- 81-261-1792-3

Operating system is the heart of any computer. This field is changing field at a breathtakingly rapid rate, as computers are now prevalent in virtually every application. Yet the fundamental concepts remain the same and it is clear in all books of operating systems.

This work provides a clear description on the concepts that are required for understanding the proper functioning of any operating system.

The hardware text required for an understanding of operating system are included in this work for coding examples we use predominantly 'C' as well as Java, but the reader can still understand the algorithms without a through knowledge of these languages.

Apart from these some case studies on Unix and on Windows are also included in this work.

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ISBN- 81-261-1927-6

The primary foal of DBMS is to provide an environment that is convenient and efficient for people to use in retrieving and storing database information. The collection of data usually refers to database which contains information about one particular enterprise. The large bodies of information are designed to manage by database systems, provision of mechanism for the manipulation of information, storage of information involved in management of data. The importance of information in most organisations determines the value of the database, has led the development of a large body of concepts and techniques for the efficient management of data. Structures of a database in the data model. Database system provides two different types of Languages. The reason for using DBMS is to have central control of both the data and the programs that access those data. The major purpose of database system is to provide users with an abstract view of the data.

Amidst the plenty of books on the subject, the present work is unique having its own features and characteristics. The entire information is grouped under nine broad sections namely- Database management System, the Relational model, Database Design theory and methodology, Database architecture, Distributed databases, Object-oriented and extended relational database technology, Query procedure, transaction management; and Further topics-consisting of total thirty chapters.

Hopefully, this would serve as ready refer tool for students, teachers and all practising professionals in the field.

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