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ISBN- 81-261-0627-1

With the advancement of Science and Technology and rapidly growing application of these in every walk of life have made obsolete the entire concept of conventional management theories and practices. Revolution in the field of computer, telecommunications, information system, production technology, globalization of business activities, transport and media has brought tremendous changes in the field of management. As such to equip oneself with latest knowledge about developments and researches in the field is must for a successful management professional of 21st Century. Not only this, he has to undergo intensive training frequently to update his knowledge and skill. Management training is one of the most costly input for human resource development. With the development of science and technology with faster speed, the individual and organizational development are not possible without providing sufficient training opportunities, to the employees of an organization. Management Training Programmes are documented with the specific purpose of providing sufficient information on important components of training programme. Since training is the activity which provides an opportunity to learn and develop skill in a particular area/subject, specifically focuses on planning as well as implementation of training process. For this course planning and preparation, course content, course design, conducting a training course, trainer's team and monitoring and evaluation, the practical aspects of training process must be emphasized more. Recently emerged as a much sought-after discipline management has many specific and distinct branches, each one of which is itself a complete subject. Thus, the management professional has to undergo training programmes of his choice to get proficiency in his field. Some of the salient features of this magnum opus, which incorporates the latest information on the theme concerned are : . Accounting Management . Advertisement Management . Business Management . Food Service Management . Communication Management . Computer Management . Ecosystem Management . Enterprise Management . Financial Management . Export Management . Hardware and Software Management . Hotel Management . Human Systems Management . Industrial Management . Information Management . International Business Management . Inventory Management . Investment Management . Labour Management . Maintenance Management . Information System Management . Management of Human Resources . Marketing Management . Modern Management . Network Management . Office Management . Organization Management . Personnel Management . Production Management . Productivity and Technology Management . Professional Management . Programme Management . Project Management . Promotion Management . Public Relations Management . Purchasing and Material Management . Remuneration Management . Resource Management . Retail Management . Safety and Security Management . Sales Management . Service Management . Sports Management . Strategic Management . Total Quality Management . Tourism Management . Supervisory Management . Training and Development Management etc. The present gigantic and outstanding work is designed to bring together the lasted information on researches and developments in all branches of management studies. All the information derived from authentic sources is categorically organised in logical sequence. Encyclopaedic in nature, this will prove vade mecum to students, academic and Management professionals.
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ISBN- 81-261-1357-X

This book has been written with the sole objective of providing exposure on various facets of computers and their applicability in managing an organization to students. This will also enable them in identifying various functional areas where computers and communication plays a vital role. The focus of the book is not merely on theoretical explanation of various concepts but relating them with the real life business situations thereby facilitating the business processes. The book therefore aims to serve a wide array of students of under-graduate and post-graduate courses in business management, computer applications and other related streams. It will also come in handy for business managers, computer professionals, and almost all categories of end users, etc. The book is divided into five broad parts covering thirteen chapters. The Part-I provides theoretical foundation of the subject of computer covering, hardware, software and storage devices. Part-II of the book covers the most relevant application software packages a prospective manager is required to be familiar with in today's competitive business scenario. Part-III of the book discusses the underlying concepts in data communication and networking. Part-IV of the book enables the readers to use computers and communications fundamentals as a problem solving tool by developing application systems. The last part, i.e. Part-V of the book deals with most sensitive issue having impact on the survival of computers and communications systems i.e. Security and various ways of handling them. The book also provides a comprehensive Glossary that is almost essential for better understanding of the concepts covered in the entire book. The book covers the entire syllabus of the compulsory paper "Computer Applications in Management" developed by UGC as model syllabus for adoption in MBA programme conducted by universities in the country. Over and above this, the book also covers certain technologies that are relevant in present day context thereby providing the necessary value addition to the students.
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ISBN- 81-261-2691-4

Hotel Management as a paper is being taught at Hotel Management Courses at various institutions. This book is designed as an introductory text to the above paper, encompassing vital information on all pertinent aspects. Thus the material presented here would be of interest as well as of great use to the students, teachers and professionals in the field. Evolution of Hotel Industry; Objectives and Policies; Introduction to Hotel Groups; History of Hotel Management; Organization of Hotel; Housekeeping; Safety and Sanitation; Front Office Management; Marketing of Account; Room Occupancy Rate Management; Marketing Functions; Purchasing and Stores Management; Restaurant Development; Arrangement of kitchen and Dining Room; Role of Supporting Services; Menus and Menu Planning; Guidelines for Room and Foodservices; Equipments in Kitchen; Problems and Prospect of Hotel Industry etc. are the main topics, given elaborate treatment in this book.
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ISBN- 81-7488-682-6

Administrative map of India has been subject to periodic changes of great magnitude since the first year of Independence. Although numerous studies are available on the evolving administrative map of India yet seldom has an attempt been made to understand the aftermath of any such change. The present book Administration and Development in Indian States is a commendable exception. It is designed to examine the implications of any restructuring of administrative organization of space for the development process. Haryana is the case adopted for such a study. Right kinds of questions have been raised. How a prevailing spatial system of administration gets disrupted when reconstituted into new units? What has been the Haryana experience? Is it better off or worse off after its separation from Punjab? A stimulating question was raised in the context of Haryana story. What is the optimal size of a state in India? Should the country have larger and fewer states or opt for smaller and additional ones? This question should rather be referred to the stage of country's development. Larger units are most desired in the initial stage of development when the laying out of extensive infrastructure is the basic issue. In the transitional stage, small size is favoured because it is conducive to intensive development. Finally, at a high level of development, bigger units are recommended as these allow the operation of economies of scale with the help of advanced technology.
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