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ISBN- 81-7041-386-9

This book presents a critical appraisal of the Management of Co-operative Marketing and Processing in India. It examines the multifarious problems, being experienced by Marketing and Processing Cooperatives in India; and suggests the ways and means for improving their working and management. It involves and analytical study of the application of the principles of Scientific Management in the inter-related areas of Cooperative Marketing and Processing. The authors have endeavoured to synthesize the principles, tools and techniques of Management with the practices of Marketing and Processing, as conducted by Cooperative organizations at different levels in the country. They have adopted a very comprehensive, modern as well ass an integrated approach towards the treatment of the different aspects of 'Management', 'Cooperation', 'Marketing', and 'Processing', in a simple, lucid and impressive style, with a straight-forward clarity. The study emphasizes the need to have a properly managed Cooperative Marketing and Processing System, in order to make the proper marketing-channels and processing facilities available to farmers. The findings of the study will be helpful to the Government, National Organisations - NAFED, NCDC and NCUI, and to the Management of Marketing and Processing Cooperatives, working at different levels; and will go a long way in devising the policies and programmes for maintaining the farmers' tempo of production, for providing them protection against undue hardships and also for saving the ultimate consumers from exploitation.
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ISBN- 81-7041-385-0

This book provides an analysis of the Modern Marketing Concept and its applications, with particular reference to Planning and Control. It has been designed and structured in such a way that the first four chapters (namely: (1) Marketing Concept; (2) Marketing Management Concept; (3) Marketing Organisation; and (4) Channels of Distribution) provide a conceptual framework, and introduce the Science of Marketing Management to the beginners, in a simple and lucid style; while the following five chapters (namely: (1) Applications of Research in Marketing; (2) Environmental Scanning and Class Selection; (3) Change : The Essence of Planning & Control; (4) Intelligence Network for Planning and Control; and (5) Management of Change : Marketing Perspective) provide a clear understanding of the real marketing situations and an exposure to the practical insight to the complexities of the modern marketing world in which the key word is 'Change'. As the biggest challenge before a professional manager is that of the 'Change', a special focus has been laid on a thorough examination of the Marketing Perspective of the Management of Change. Through the tenth and the last chapter, an endeavour has been made to advance a number of suggestions for designing such a system of continuous Marketing Planning and Control which may guarantee Marketing Effectiveness in the ever changing business environment. The book, which throws a new light upon the different dimensions of the subject, is bound to be of immense utility to both the students of Marketing Management as well as to the practicing managers.
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ISBN- 81-7488-533-1

Drawing conclusions from the Industrial organization literature and concurrent organizational economics literature it can be argued that exposure to Business policy concepts is having decidedly positive influence on Organisational research and that the Industrial Organisational studies and investigations of Business Policy are converging and have a chance of enriching each other. This book has been designed to examine the influence of Business Policy on Corporate performance. As a result, the emphasis has been laid on firm level variables which affect the Corporate Performance through the managerial decisions which translate market potential into sales revenue, and the costs of production resulting from specific organizational mechanisms. The present book will prove a valuable asset for graduate and postgraduate students of Economics and also for research scholars, corporate policy planners and the professionals in the field.
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ISBN- 81-261-0666-2

In recent years, India has made commendable advance on the industrial front. The process of industrialization and the growth of the corporate sector are interrelated and inter-dependent. As such the corporate sector in India has made rapid strides. The growth of a Joint Stock Company is based on its success and profit is the primary test of the success of an enterprise. The private corporate sector in India has witnessed drastic changes in its structure of finance since 1956. The present study is on the whole an analytical research on the trend and pattern of profitability of the public limited companies in the private sector of Eastern India from 1984-85 to 1993-94. The study will be useful to the corporate sector in India in general, and the entrepreneurs, financial managers, financial institutions, investors, policy makers and researchers in particular for evaluating the profitability of any business enterprise.
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