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ISBN- 81-261-2702-3

Interviews are the backbone of electronic media information programs, be they arts, sport, current affairs or news. The names and faces of those who conduct them are instantly recognisable as is the style and format used. This book analyses examples of the work of famous interviews, particularly looking at three very different journalist- intimate, Caroline Jones, confrontational Paul Lyneham and chart-show host Michael Aspel. The authors argue that interviews create important type of social meaning for their audiences. They identify various interview genres, place and each in its historical and socials context, and provide original ways of analysing the meaning behind the verbal exchanges. Through the use of linguistics the authors show clearly how interview work and how their drama and tension are created. They also speculate on the social and ideological role of the interview in a society where the interrogation and the confession have moved out of their traditional settings and onto the airwaves as a spectacle for entertainment.
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ISBN- 81-7488-921-3

Marketing is an exciting and dynamic discipline. Unfortunately much of the excitement is hidden among the definitions and descriptions of concepts that are a necessary part of basic marketing textbooks. We believe that one way to make the study of marketing exciting and dynamic is to use cases. Cases allow the student to work on real marketing problems, to develop an appreciation for the types of problems that exist in the real world of marketing, and to develop the skills of analysis and decision-making so necessary for success in marketing and other areas of business. Cases represent, as close an approximation of the realities of actually working in marketing as is possible without taking a job in the field. Your task as a user of this casebook is to work hard to develop well-reasoned reasoned solutions to the problems confronting the decision maker in each of the cases. A framework to assist you in developing solution is presented in Part One of this book. By applying this framework to each case that you are assigned, you will develop your analytic skills. This book contains 51 cases in marketing with Indian background. The cases in the book portray marketing situations, which are real-life, contextually rich, and analytically challenging. The book covers a broad range of marketing problems. Students of business administration, management as also marketing practitioners and trainers, for in-company programmes, will find book very useful.
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ISBN- 81-261-2366-4

Global economy is at crossroads. There is no single or simple answer to current economic problems. Transparency in the conduct of monetary and fiscal policies is needed to provide an anchor for expectations. Developments that seem unusual, even unbalanced, need to necessarily be judged unsustainable. For example, the potential gains offered by new technology, particularly in the production of goods and financial services, may provide the sound rationale for a number of trends that currently seem hard to explain. Yet a starting point characterised by significant macroeconomic imbalances and major financial restructuring does not present a comforting environment for policy makers; given very low interest rates and virtual price stability in many countries, the scope for lowering real policy rates is now limited. This environment also implies a continuing need to focus on measures to strengthen the global financial system, which looks to be the most vulnerable part of market-based economies. (10th Revised & Enlarged Edition)
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ISBN- 81-261-2717-1

Financial Management and Policy provides a thorough exposition of the traditional and the modern finance theory. It concentrates on more than time honoured rules of thumb in analysis why companies and financial managers behave the way they do in financial decision making. The aim of the book is to help and enable the readers in developing an understanding of the theory of finance and integrate the knowledge with practice in evaluating the firm's investment, financing and dividend decisions. (5the Revised & Enlarged Edition)
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